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About Desert Kings India

Desert Kings India is much more than just a company providing travel services. A group of like-minded people are gathered here to give you the best scene of India and help you explore the best the city has to offer.
Desert Kings India was formed in the year 2021 only but with the vision of becoming a brand that is known for offering a perfect travel experience to India whilst giving the travelers the opportunity to tailor their itinerary. The team of experienced and enthusiast travel experts make us outshine other travel agencies. At the same time, we try our level best to serve you with the pure essence of India by offering the newest, finest and most unique features and attractions of the city in terms of culture, heritage and sightseeing.
At Desert Kings India, the team is formed with the help of the best in the industry who know the India to the fullest and understand the need of the customers planning their India travel. Hence, all you need is place your trust in Desert Kings India and enjoy an extravagant as well as affordable India holidays.